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Mobile & Web Development

What is mobile and web development?

Web and mobile app developers work to create the digital solutions we know and love. This emphasis focuses on programming and aspects of software engineering. Students will have ample opportunity to put these skills to good use during internships and the senior year capstone project. Web and mobile developers must be ready to compete fast paced, exciting work environment is the software industry.

Key Topics

  • Internet stack
  • Markup languages (e.g. CSS, Sass, LESS)
  • Responsive web design
  • Javascript frameworks
  • Databases
  • Mobile development
  • Cloud computing
  • Web APIs


IT & Cybersecurity

  • IT&C 210A/B - Fundamentals of Web-Based Information Technology

    Web technologies including distributed architecture, networking, database concepts, client and server development, infrastructure management, and web system integration. Learn more here for A. For B.

  • IT&C 410 - Advanced Web Technologies

    Techniques and best practices for designing, developing, and implementing web applications. Topics include client technologies (e.g., HTML5), web frameworks, adaptive design for mobile, information architecture, load and stress testing, speed optimization, and new developments. Learn more here.

  • IT&C 450 - Database Administration

    The role and responsibilities of database administrators. Database platform, architecture, and configuration; security and account management; backup, restore and disaster recovery; availability, access and performance; data migration. Learn more here.

  • IT&C 492R - Special Problems in Information Technology & Cybersecurity

    Individual study in current topics of information technology and/or cybersecurity. Learn more here.

  • IT&C 515R - Special Topics in Information Technology & Cybersecurity

    New topics in information technology for graduate and undergraduate students. Standard lecture and lab format. Learn more here.

Information Systems

  • IS 543 - Mobile Platform Development

    Principles of mobile platforms. Application development for mobile platforms such as smart phones and tablets. Emphasizing user experience and business analytics for management decisions. Learn more here.

Computer Science

  • CS 240 - Advanced Programming Concepts

    Advanced software development with an object-oriented focus. Design, implementation, and testing of several large programs in a Java and Linux environment using current technologies. Learn more here.

  • CS 340 - Software Design and Testing

    Principles of software design, design patterns, design representation, refactoring. Principles of software quality assurance and testing. Development and testing tools. Learn more here.

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