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BYU's accredited Information Technology major has been a national leader since 2001. The Cybersecurity major, approved in 2018, grew out of an emphasis that was certified as an NSA/DHS National Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense in 2012. BYU faculty have helped define the fields of IT and Cybersecurity as key members of the foundational ACM curricula guidelines.

IT Major

A technical discipline that solves real-world problems using a variety of computing resources.

Cybersecurity Major

A computing-based discipline involving technology, people, information, and processes to enable assured operations.

IT Minor

This minor will give students a strong foundation for many basic and advanced computer systems, programs, and networking.


Students in the IT&C majors often choose courses related to a certain emphasis area. While these emphases don't appear on a student's diploma, they map well to job skills and careers.

User Experience Design (UXD)

Usability engineers and human-computer interaction specialists work at the interface of people and computing technology.

Mobile & Web Development

Web and mobile app developers work to create the digital solutions we know and love.

System & Network Administration

System and network administrators manage an organizations technical infrastructure.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Cyber-physical systems (Internet of Things) interact both with the real world, through sensors and actuators, and with computer networks.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics involves the investigation of computer-related crimes with the goal of obtaining evidence to be presented in a court of law.

Penetration Testing

Students will learn how to ethically discover vulnerabilities in systems in order to best protect those systems.

Master's of IT and Cybersecurity

image of Microsoft Surface computer

Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a Master's of IT & Cybersecurity degree program.

The program is ideal for IT & Cybersecurity professionals and those who have recently completed a technical undergraduate degree who are anxious to delve deep into a specific area of IT or Cybersecurity.

Recent graduates often qualify for new positions making 20k more per year or go on to PhD programs at top Universities.

Our Generous Donors

Thanks to our generous sponsors the IT & Cybersecurity programs at BYU is able to outfit students with skills that allow students to compete for positions at some of the most recognized names in technology. Visit our donation page to become a sponsor yourself, or browse the career pages of those supporting us now.
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